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Global Trading

The trading of commodities is as old as time itself. The journey of a commodity from origin to end customer is a long and complex one. At Carbon Resources, we ensure the best outcome for the consumers and producers/extractors. This complex chain has a lot of functions along the way:

a. Sourcing
b. Purchase and Sale
c. Transport and Shipping
d. Storage & Processing
e. Inspection and Certification
Other supporting functions also include:
a. Trade Financing
b. Logistics
c. Hedging and Risk Management

Our trading desk builds on our capabilities and understanding of all the above aspects. We focus entirely on creating long-term value by putting our clients first and maintaining complete transparency. We effortlessly perform within stipulated time frames and stringent finances: each time, every time. At Carbon Resources we have a deep trade network and excellent collaborations with organizations around the world for the sourcing of Anthracite Coal, Metallurgical Coal, Thermal Coal, Manganese Ore and various other products. Carbon Resources has the resources and the agility to meet the needs of the ever-changing market.

Sourcing & Market Access

Our Global collaborations allow deep market access for our customers and allow us to source on-spec commodities at competitive prices from around the world.


We offer long-term & short-term financing structures leveraging our extensive banking ties to enable our customers to get each time, every time.


We operate systematic, safe and high-quality logistics. We move commodities by trucks, rail, & vessel.

Delivery & Warehousing

Our in-house team coordinates and clears all formalities with local authorities. We stock at strategic warehouses to facilitate sales to domestic and international markets.

Why Us?

Carbon Resources is a privately owned and fully independent physical company established in 1991 with no external shareholders. We fulfill our purpose through our strategy of actively devising logistics to streamline and simplify the commodity supply chain. We deliver on-spec commodities whenever they are needed.  We strive to develop, strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by fully understanding and meeting their needs – End to End.

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